Best papers awards

Best research paper award:

  • Entity Summarization with User Feedback by Qingxia Liu, Yue Chen, Gong Cheng, Evgeny Kharlamov, Junyou Li and Yuzhong Qu

Best resource paper award:

  • MetaLink: A Travel Guide to the LOD Cloud by Wouter Beek, Joe Raad, Erman Acar and Frank Van Harmelen

Best in-use paper award:

  • Supporting complex decision making by semantic technologies by Stefan Fenz

Best demo paper award:

  • LinkedPipes Applications – Automated Discovery of Configurable Linked Data by Jakub Klímek, Altynbek Orumbayev, Marzia Cutjar, Esteban Jenkins, Ivan Latták, Alexandr Mansurov and Jiří Helmich

Best poster paper award:

  • A Collection of Benchmark data sets for Knowledge Graph-based Similarity in the Biomedical Domain by Carlota Cardoso, Rita Sousa, Sebastian Köhler and Catia Pesquita
  • Best poster paper award: Entity Typing based on RDF2Vec using Supervised and Unsupervised Methods by Radina Sofronova, Russa Biswas, Mehwish Alam and Harald Sack

Congratulations to the winners!